9th Annual DiRP Conference

April 2018

The Black Student Network recognizes that the struggles of today are historically familiar as the empowering voices of marginalized people continue to be under- and misrepresented in research. As the insidiousness of our current socio political climate increases, systems authorized by the multitude of -isms are continuously re-designed to uphold and protect homogenous, patriarchal supremacy.  Therefore, it is vital for us to reposition and refocus our research in ways that allow us to reclaim our voice and agency efficaciously through scholarship and engagement in meaningful, elevated research that advances our collectivism through a humanist approach.

The 9th Annual Diversity in Research and Practice Conference calls for poster and paper presentations that examine representation and the factors that highlight people of color in all experiences of human development. We believe that collaboration and dialogue across disciplines and engagement of various approaches of inquiry are essential to harnessing our capacity to be catalysts of change.